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The Scenario

What is an event? A special occasion, a unique moment that will be remembered forever.
When can we talk of an event? Maybe when all the planning and organizing conditions able to stimulate the memory so that the meeting will stay alive in time are all satisfied, when the event perfectly suits to your plan, when the situation is able to qualify the promoter.

That’s because in some particular situations, in the personal or professional life, we must be able to transfer a message, a plan to the others in the best way that we can.
Do you think that any place is good in these circumstances?
Of course it doesn’t. The place where we want to communicate has the same importance as the efficiency we aim to. Indeed, it plays a fundamental, maybe strategic role.

Thus, choose San Giorgio Palace.

The neutral field

The perfect location to communicate with the others is always one and only: the place where we live or where we work. There is no better place.
Yet, sometimes these places are not available. Sometimes the reason why we want to meet our target or our friends involves a wide and important circle of our relationships.
Then we need a space where the relationship can take place. In these cases, having a neutral field can be useful. That is, a different location which is still magic and has a character similar to ours.