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San Giorgio Palace

There are many reasons why you must pick San Giorgio Palace.

Because the locations intended to welcome events must be able to have different features, to change in order to fulfill the different needs and to be enough flexible.
That is why we have designed the place so that it could be a container able to live up to your contents, like a dress to wear, as a prestigious location which is efficient and effective thanks to the work of a qualified staff and to a specific know-how.

Another reason of it is its geographic position, in the heart of Trani, at the perfect distance from Bari and the Airport. Because it looks onto the touristic harbor, very near to the famous Cathedral, because it can be the perfect location for the personal and business events. The specific attention dedicated to the selection of the materials that are used and the different ways in which the Pietra di Trani (‘Trani Stone’) has been elaborated give the building an elegant feature, making it become the right setting to give prestige to your magic moments: your special events.

The area covers 2300 square meters and it is spread on two floors in big halls that can be darken and able to gather up to 400 guests, a part from having a wonderful terrace to be used during spring and summer.
The strong personality of the place goes together with a detailed organization system aiming to easy fulfill the needs of the planners looking for a location suitable to the initiatives of their clients; in this way, they relieve all the institutions, private companies, public organizations, professional orders, associations, training centers from the hard work: they all need a complete support management, a part from a perfect setting.

Very special events

Business meetings, scientific conferences, cultural events, political conventions, social meetings: for all these events the palace is the perfect location.
An event planner can easily find the needed location at San Giorgio Palace just thanks to the experience and the skills of its staff.

Moments to remember

In our ordinary life, too, there are some moments to be stored in our memory. In these cases, Palazzo San Giorgio can be the place where our guests can be gathered to celebrate birthdays, weddings, holy communions, baptisms, graduation parties and all the events that deserve to be properly celebrated.


So far, we have described the location. Now, we would like to give you a better idea of the benefits reserved to those who will select us.

If your job is planning events, you have to know that you can count on our assistance intended to simplify your work. First of all, we are fully open and we offer mutual respect.

Yet, sometimes you need to plan an event all of a sudden in a few days. To those who should find themselves in this situation, we give the possibility to use the hall, our Chefs, our staff (hostesses and stewards), all the equipments (audio, video, sound), but also other materials (folders, block notes, pens, slides, flowers).

Instead, to those who would like to plan their own personal event, we give some good suggestions deriving from a long experience and the ability to catch what you wish to do. That’s your event.